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300 Click for offerFour years ago, Ms. Notley, whose New Democrats are the furthest to the left of Canada’s mainstream parties, surprised much of the country by ending 44 years of conservative rule in Alberta. Ms. Notley, who will remain the official opposition leader, was Canada’s only female head of a provincial government. Once again we ask ourselves: What kind of a lawyer says stuff like that? What we have here is not a skilled strategist trying to find the best way to defend his client, but just another member of the nation’s ever-growing pack of celebrities who can’t shut up.

Exactly what is Gordon Sondland’s story? “Getting ready to address the Farm Convention today in Nashville, Tennessee,” the president said in a Twitter message. “See you in a little while.”


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEIt did matter on Thursday. Kind of. The Philharmonic opted for the Scherzo first, which in the context of Ms. Young’s interpretation made the joyous ending of the first movement all the more pathetic by plunging immediately back into a minor key. Chen earned 15.4 points just for his quad flip, which looked effortless.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTY“I have never uttered the word pilegesh, and don’t even know how to pronounce it,” Mr. Steinhardt said, through his spokesman. He also denied saying that Rabbi Sabath should put her vagina and womb “to work.” The migration of Venezuelans out of the country has reached levels not seen before in modern history. More than three million people have left since 2014, according to the United Nations migration agency, setting off a regional crisis that has left neighboring countries grappling with how to respond.

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For instance, we’re delighted to announce the publication of How to Make Sourdough Bread (above), by Claire Saffitz, a smart and exhaustive guide to the process of baking beautiful, flavorful bread with natural leavening. I had a thick chunk of a test loaf the other day in the newsroom and it was, frankly, phenomenal. As we speak, you’re not quite done with your work on “Broad City,” but how does it feel to be very nearly done with the show?

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The business arranged accommodation, prenatal care and shopping trips for the women. In some cases, the indictment said, it instructed clients to fabricate financial documents to enable them to obtain visa extensions, and it deposited money temporarily in their bank accounts. Following a 108-86 rout at home against the LeBron James-less Los Angeles Lakers, Minnesota announced that it had ousted Thibodeau with two and a half seasons left on his five-year contract, and less than two months removed from the trade of the longtime Thibodeau favorite Jimmy Butler to the Philadelphia 76ers.

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“The details they gave me leave me with no doubt that it’s him,” Edilberto Alatorre said. Aidan Harper, who created a European workweek-shrinkage campaign called 4 Day Week, argues that this is dehumanizing and toxic. “It creates the assumption that the only value we have as human beings is our productivity capability — our ability to work, rather than our humanity,” he told me.

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Marianne Williamson, a self-help author who is calling for a “moral and spiritual awakening in the country,” has said that Mr. Trump is “goading us to impeach him.” Note: Our Sixth Annual 15-Second Vocabulary Video Challenge is underway. It will run until Feb. 18.

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